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  We are first and foremost technologists with combined experience in nonvolatile memory(NVM) technology that is counted in centuries.We have been instrumental in the development and deployment of NVM technology,standalone and embedded at such leading companies as Micron Technology, AMD, Xicor, Catalyst Semiconductor, Sandisk, and Summit Microelectronics.


  We are dedicated to the advancement of NVM technologies focused on applications rather than fundamental semiconductor technology.As a result,our products and solutions are simple, reliable and cost effective and democratize NVM deployments, especially in the embedded applications.  All customers can have access to leading edge technologies without needing to become experts in NVM.


  We take great pleasure in understanding our customers challenges and constraints and developing  complete, optimum solutions based on our wide palette of technology platforms.We are unique in offering solutions spanning standard product, design services, IP macros and IP licensing to meet the needs of any and every NVM deployment.We are truly a one-stop shop for NVM technology.

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